O       /`-.__
                            /  \·'^|
               o           T    l  *
                   O    (^ '----' `)
               O       o  ) "/ " (
                         _( (-)  )_
                     O  /\ )    (  /\
                       /  \(    ) |  \
                   o  o    \)  ( /    \
                     /     |(  )|      \
                    /    o \ \( /       \
              __.--'   O    \_ /   .._   \
             //|)\      ,   (_)   /(((\^)'\
                |       | O         )  `  |
                |      / o___      /      /
               /  _.-''^^__O_^^''-._     /
             .'  /  -''^^    ^^''-  \--'^
           .'   .`.  `'''----'''^  .`. \
         .'    /   `'--..____..--'^   \ \
        /  _.-/                        \ \
    .::'_/^   |                        |  `.
           .-'|                        |    `-.
     _.--'`   \                        /       `-.
    /          \                      /           `-._
    `'---..__   `.                  .´_.._   __       \
             ``'''`.              .'      `'^  `''---'^

  * Balance *
  Creatures with protection from white are not affected by Balances destruction
  abilities, but you still have to count them when assessing the fairness of the
  game state.

  Example: Opponent has one creature in play, you have a Sengir Vampire and a
  Black Knight (immune to white magic). This still counts as you having one more
  creature than the opponent, and you'll have to discard the Vampire. If
  opponent has zero creatures in play, you of course also have to discard the
  Vampire, but still get to keep the Black Knight.

  * Birds of Paradise *
  The mana you get from tapping the birds can be of any color.

  * Channel *
  You will permanently lose any life converted to mana; the "is not considered
  damage" text simply clarifies that you can't avoid the payment of life using a
  Circle of Protection or similar to prevent it. Your life total will still
  change. You cannot pay more life than you currently possess.

  * Charms *
  Ivory Cup, Crystal Rod, Throne of Bone, Iron Star and Wooden Sphere (often
  called "the charms") must be activated immediately as someone cast a spell of
  the corresponding color. Each activation is directly related to the spell being
  cast; the charms will not give you more life for any additional spell cast later
  in the turn (unless more mana is spent). This also applies to Soul Net; each
  activation must correspond exactly with a creature dying. Basically, the charms
  adds "you gain one life" to the text of a spell for each generic mana you spend.

  Remember that charms are activated as non-interrupt fast effects, and can not be
  used to gain life from interrupts (as they are too slow).

  * Control Magic *
  If Control Magic is discarded while creature lives, creature is returned to
  original owner rather than discarded. If Control Magic is discarded during an
  attack exchange, remove the creature from current attack/defense and return it
  to original owner.

  * Curses *
  The "curses" (Cursed Land, Wanderlust, Feedback and Warp Artifact) will only
  deal damage to the owner of the cursed card during that player's turn. Some of
  the curses make this more clear than others (compare e.g. the text of Wanderlust
  to Warp Artifact, there is far more ambiguity in the latter). This was another
  case where we had to go and look at the development cards to get a clear answer,
  and from there we can see that they all only pings once per full turn cycle.

  * Cyclopean Tomb *
  Cyclopean Tomb have official Deckmaster errata. It is to be played as having a
  mana cost of four generic mana, with no constraint on playing lands the turn
  you play it.

  * Disrupting Scepter *
  This card has gotten clarification since Wizards’ Tournament I; like with Mind
  Twist and Hypnotic Specter only cards from hand can be affected by the Scepter's
  ability. If opponent has no cards in hand, activating Scepter does nothing.

  * Fork *
  Fork looks easy to understand, but occasionally it will create some timing
  issues if the opponent has fast effects available. Rather than simply
  considering Fork as doubling the effect of an instant or sorcery, it should be
  seen as a sort of Clone for spells. The Fork becomes a additional instance of
  the card played. The only difference between playing two Unsummon spells and
  playing one Unsummon and Forking it is that the second Unsummon will be red and
  is played with the speed of an Interrupt.

  * Goblin King *
  Goblin King is considered to have two affiliations, he is both a 'Goblin' and
  a 'King'. As one of the Goblins, he is affected by cards like Goblin Balloon
  Brigade and (perhaps most significantly) himself.

  * Illusionary Mask *
  Illusionary Mask can create some tricky situations for the opponent. If the mask
  makes the opponent make an illegal play or an illegal block, the spell or block
  will fizzle. A spell that fizzles will be placed in owner's graveyard. At end
  of game, you have to show what cards you hid under the mask to verify that you
  didn't make illegal plays.

  Example: You cast Juggernaut (a 5/3 Artifact Creature for (4) that must attack
  each turn) paying (2)(U)(U)(R) into the mask to hide what it is. Opponent cast
  Spell Blast with X=5, trying to counter it. As Juggernaut in fact has total
  mana cost 4, Spell Blast will fizzle and be placed in opponents graveyard
  without effect. If opponent then tries to destroy the hidden Juggernaut with
  Terror, Terror will also fizzle as it can't target Artifact Creatures. If you
  forget to attack with Juggernaut during your turn (when opponent still can't
  see it and have no chance of reminding you), the Referee will interpret that as
  a Declaration of Forfeiture.

  * Jade Statue *
  Jade Statue should be interpreted as a Continuous Artifact with no effect
  outside of attack exchanges. During an attack, interpret Jade Statue as a Poly
  Artifact (it can be activated, and activating it doesn't tap it). Once it is
  activated, it is an Artifact Creature until the attack is over. Jade Statue is
  not considered a creature unless it is currently attacking or blocking.

  * Red Elemental Blast *
  This card was accidentally printed with the wrong type. It should be played as
  an interrupt rather than an instant.

  * Unsummon *
  Unsummon should be read "Return creature to owner's hand, enchantments on
  creature are discarded. Unsummon cannot be played during the damage-dealing
  phase of an attack."

  * Wards *
  Protection granted by wards doesn't affect the wards themselves. E.g. if a
  creature in play is enchanted by White Ward, the protection from white magic
  doesn't remove the ward, neither is a Blue Ward turned blue by e.g. Thoughtlace
  discarded from play.

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